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My name is Danielle McIntosh and I've been a hair artist since 1997 so I just recently hit my 20 year accomplishment in the industry! I thank all my clients for your loyalty and keeping me busy in the salon and inspiring me to Evolv.

"I believe its the whole package, attitude, beauty, fashion, gratitude, habits, health, heart, soul, and trends..."

It all started when my two aunts did my hair growing up, I wanted to be like them. I started painting my neighbor friends nails, even the boys! I then went to the Aveda Institute and went for cosmetology but really didn't like doing nails so I gravitated more to doing hair. I remember staying through lunch to get my mannequin head just right and perfect. I noticed hair really can't be perfect because there is many factors in how hair lays and dries. I now say I cut by feel and by how the hair lays instead of precision unless needed for certain cuts. I love cutting curly hair too and curls definitely have a mind of their own! I also remember spending four hours doing updos in beauty school (I'm much faster now) and then doing updos all day for special occasions at my first salon career at Cole's Salon for 6 years. I love doing weddings, special occasion hair, makeovers, make up, updos, color, cut, foil, balayage, ombre, style cut, wave curls. I also think Cole's taught me goal setting, teaching, mentoring, leadership, and helped me build my clientele. I learned to always try to better myself and keep educated.

I then moved on to rent a chair at my friend Jodee's salon and I worked with my now sister in law Jean who used to cut my hair when I was little. She introduced me to her brother Steve and now we've been married since 2004. We have an adorable, adventurous child named Tres because he's Stephen the third! He let's me cut his hair and since we didn't have a girl I can enjoy doing the cute girl styles in the salon. He keeps us on our toes and we are still learning how to parent daily! He teaches us stuff about ourselves as well and he's a blessing to us for sure! We have a dog named Marley and he's a gigantic golden doodle. I tried cutting his hair once but I will stick to human hair! We all love going to our cabin and boating with friends and family on a sunny day. We also love going out to eat and especially for sushi its our sons favorite.

I then journeyed to work at two other upscale rental salons. I gained many friend co workers along the way. I learned everyone runs their salon a different way and that you have to find your passion, inspire and encourage yourself. I could see things that I'd change or keep and I believe these experiences led me to my fifth and current salon opportunity since 2010. There are things I'm always trying to improve on to be more efficient and better at my craft. I indeed have a passion for doing hair, building relationships, and inspiring myself and others. I inspire change and uniqueness for all my clients while listening as well. I believe its the whole package, attitude, beauty, fashion, gratitude, habits, health, heart, soul, and trends. I invite you to evolv with me and we might have a conversation about any of these things or something new. I also appreciate referrals!